Thursday, November 12, 2009

less credible than my imaginary friend

So Lou Dobbs is gone. It is only too bad that he is not gone from the public for good. He claims that he will be seeking a more activist role and try to become a leader for some of the "profoundly critical" problems of our time, climate change, health care, etc. and he goes on to say that all of these problems and their subsequent solutions are dependent on the improved health of our capitalist system. This flesh sack of hot air has proved himself, especially over the last 6 months to be willing to sacrifice whatever amount of professional dignity he once had the moment he jumped onto the "birther" band wagon. This ego-centric corporate shill is no greater advocate for the profoundly critical problems of our time than Paris Hilton or her Chihuahua or the purse that the damn dog lives in. What is most likely taking place is other interests (probably corporate) have sunk their diamond encrusted teeth into Lou Dobbs's ego and are lubing up a fist full of cash to shove into parts of his body whose appearance is hard to distinguish from other parts, to get him onto their band wagon. This would only be money that CNN refused to match because as Dobbs' himself the typical sock puppet patriotic sensibility exploiting blowhard has proved is that his self serving tendencies have been broadcast to American living rooms as soon as the poll numbers showed that his pathetic attempt at nonsense spouting attention grabbing actually worked by announcing his doubts of where current president was born. First of all, the idea that Dobbs would assume that his wild assumptions on Obama's birthplace, based on Allah knows what, would be accurate and would be something that the Republican party would either overlook, dismiss, or not be privy too in the prior 15 months leading up to the presidential election (the uncompromisingly and unapologetically twisted and spin-centric political party possibley conceivable) and not use it in their own arsenal to try and win the White House, is evidence enough that any sense of decency left in this pretend journalist probably never existed to begin with or eroded with exponential speed once he began to get attention.

It is a sad state when any body of people would actually put stock or care what this person's next course of action is. Congratulations Dobbs you have actually surpassed such hollow personalities as Glenn Beck, Limbaugh and Ru Paul. By beinga guy who takes himself seriously enough to go from a pretend entertainer to a pretend activist. Anyone short of a lobotomy and half a second to think about it should be able to see through your disguise as someone who is by any stretch of the imagination out for anyone besides himself, just like the 3 others mentioned above. And frankly I am a little embarrassed to have wasted time on you at all.

Good riddance and your endorsement alone, of any issue, immediately places question on that side of the argument.

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