Saturday, November 21, 2009

the crucifixion of Charles Darwin

There is a Christian ministry in California who has written there own introduction to Charles Darwin's Origin of the Species. This introduction which was written by no one who has any expertise on the subject, claims that Darwin was racist, sexist and that the Nazis used Darwinian thought to justify their actions. All of these claims are not only false but so easily realized as a pathetic attempt at further propagandize and indoctrinate people. What this particular ministry does not realize is that this kind of actions are and will always be counter productive. People who would fall for such a ploy or smoke and mirrors tactic are the same people who might fall prey to scare tactics of being damned to hell or to be fanatically patriotic over fears of terrorism. People whose closed minds have been subconsciously looking for a source of fear to base their lives and its subsequent decisions on.
There are so many things wrong with this but among the many, it shows the desperation that seeps from certain congregations. All of which are probably just trying to find a way to get through the economic crisis by building up their brain-washing quota. This particular church is using an old hack child actor who was never revered as being talented and is easy to understand why no one sees him in any work anymore.

It is apparently legal to write an introduction to any publication that is part of public domain. This book has been out for 150 years now so it fits into that category. How would these ignorant people who claim that their intentions are to save their souls and not to increase the churches budget, how would they like it if someone added a fifty page introduction to the New Testament? The New Testament which is a work of fiction comparable to any book on Greek Mythology is more conducive to a modern take on an old fable than a work based on science.

Science is literal. Religion would be happy to reach levels of science fiction. To treat the bible as a manual for living in a literal sense would be like using a manual from a model-T Ford to try and fix the 2010 Ford Focus. It just doesn't work. Mechanics who would try to convince do-it-yourself'ers or his clients through violence, indoctrination, propaganda, brain washing, deception and fear would be run out of town or discredited from their profession. Sadly this can be the name of the game, these tactics for some organized religions, clinging firmly to their ideological literalism without the flexibility or open mindedness to adapt to present day conditions and the evolution (the pun was intended) of the human condition by such elements as globalization, the Enlightenment and technology. Sounds strikingly familiar to die hard republicans or democrats preaching family values and then finding them with their pants down, literally.

All of this proves that if people are too stuck in their ways to be aware of the changing face of human existence they will force themselves into a continued practice of coercion and fear as their means to "convert" others. The imposition of personal beliefs in itself is a faulty way to address spreading any message at all. These very tactics reveal flaws that the people implementing them can not see themselves because they are stuck with their heads in biblical, political or convenience based sands.

Here is a link where a video promoted by the specific church and a humorous and informed response are found.

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