Tuesday, November 10, 2009

human ingenui-deity

The results on us from evolution, as the essentials, stand as: thumbs, competition, two legs, compassion, cooperation, curiosity, fear, love and ingenuity, among others. All equally playing equal parts to bring us, for better or worse into the collective state we find ourselves in today (although it may have been pretty hard without thumbs so arguably they may have a place towards the top of this list). Curiosity coupled with ingenuity as traits that describe how we as a species interact with the our external environment may be the most fitting to describe our base-line tendencies. This like most traits stemming from what has proven to be an advantageous feature in the game of survival, no longer in nature but in society.

We see things or events and our innate subconscious response to them is to analyze them as a means of understanding and to ponder various way of potential improvement. We saw death, we engineered God. Someone thought of the wheel. As a response, someone else invented the cart. A recent example being the iPhone and its apps. Information sharing, open source and globalization (globalization, with all of its flaws), is a utopia for our inherent sense of curiosity and ingenuity. Not only do we have access to a bank of historical data for what has brought up to this point at our finger-tips on the web, but we can see what anyone (practically) is engaged in, anywhere in the world and expand, enhance or alter it. Not only in tangible objects but in thoughts. We can take this curiosity as a perceptive exercise and type out these ideas in the inadequate form of symbols that we came up with in a response to our invention(s) of spoken language.

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