Monday, November 2, 2009

safety in numb'ers

numb |nəm|
deprived of the power of sensation : my feet were numb with cold | figurative the tragic events left us shocked and numb.
(source: Macintosh Dictionary software)

Materiality acts as a cognitive local anesthetic. As long as there is enough we are oblivious to the pain that exists. Unlike anesthetics in medical use, this desensitization is not administered during which the process is beneficial, rather when it is a near silent atrophic erosion of meaning and spirit. The power struggle is suffering flavored by politics and economics. Pure power struggles for physical survival found in the natural world are just that, as pure as the privilege of inherent rights at accompany existence itself. False social class indignations are sponsored by venture capitalism in the business of frivolity ill-concerned with product necessity but rather fabricating beliefs of necessity by pulling on our innate survival instincts not suited to live in a consumer based environment.
Care is being white washed. Aldous Huxley's prophetic line in Brave New World, "Ending is better than mending. The more stitches, the less riches.", has been the indoctrination of consumerism from the beginning. Its evidence is everywhere. We are not permitted to consider the consequences of the numbing effects of all out capitalism on the human psyche, at least not in a mainstream format to be received by the people most likely to have the detrimental effects of this artificial landscape they have been born into. Of course they would not be allowed access to this information because it would be an antidote to the corporate anesthetic which keeps them filling up their shopping carts. This numbness is the surrogate for fulfillment. It tricks the body and mind into thinking that the pursuit of contentment and means of survival is achieved when peace of mind and body are assumed and not actuated.
Synthesized materials constructing abstract geometrical fluorescence filled environments contribute to this lack of sensation. The path of most resistance leads to a reacquaintance of humanity and the anti-venom of the effects of the strategic maneuver of corporate tranquilizers.

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