Saturday, September 19, 2009

source of wrong

As the lobbyists infest the White House and Congress to ensure their interests will be met, the likelihood of any actually reformative health care/insurance bill being passed becomes less, day by day. Everyday about 3 new lobbyists join the frenzy of the nearly 3,300 lobbyists that are devoted to curbing real efforts to reform health care. Amateur politicians, these lobbyists use money not inflated rhetoric to get what they want. What they want is the continued exploitation of a system bases on a subversive effort to squeeze as much money as possible out of one of the richest countries in the world but certainly the most ill concerned with the care if its citizens. With a federal study coming out this week that estimates that 45,000 uninsured people die every year because they do not have health insurance (a study that lasted 12 years), they are validating that they are greatly more concerned with money than care. The medical industry has been ransacked by a right wing mindset, indoctrinating health professionals with profiteering rather than service. If there was any sense that the health, and safety of the American people were of any regard to the political right, they would, with any conscience would embrace a public option. An option, by its nature is not a mandate and most people, either being uninformed or ignorant and deciding to simply listen to whatever talking head is screaming at them, they are too afraid of real change and would opt to continue to keep their old private health insurance. Once again, their fear mongering is not only effective but lasting.
These industries have acquired enough money to secure their corporate clout in the form of bullying and buying out politicians. These politicians need the money to run their campaigns and to maintain their summer homes in the Mantauk. As long as the human condition is too tempted by money, the present form of dilution of power derived from the tribal system of hunting and mating, politicians will continue to be swayed to endorsing or drafting legislation that quite possibly goes against their core principles in order to win over the lobbyist funding. At the conception of this "democratic" system, the ducks were lined up to secure the wealthy's place and their continued wealth.

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