Saturday, September 12, 2009

where's the greater backbone?

With the recent resignation of Van Jones, the "Green Jobs czar" as he has been called, from the Obama administration shows some disturbing signs that may underlie the mystique that is Obama. Having platformed a campaign substantially on Green Energy jobs as a way to create new jobs for some of the recently and chronically unemployed which in turn would contribute to stimulating this battered economy as well as have the in tandem benefit of benefiting the environment (its win-win), one would think that Obama would back his boy Jones who headed such an initiative. But he and his whole administration remained silent. With word coming out of the administration extending the contract to the company formally known as Blackwater (now "XE") a company who shoulders seemingly countless scandals and massacres in the name of America in Iraq and Afghanistan and as a private company militia makes it seems on paper that we have less troops on the ground in that poor country, the CHANGE which fueled the HOPE which powered Obama's campaign seems to get more and more watered down every day by those who have no longer succumbed to the starry eyed majority perception of Obama.

Van Jones was essentially ousted from his post by Glenn Beck. Glenn Beck is one of the conformist right wing television personalities that pretends to be a credible journalist for a certain media outlet who I will not flatter my giving them a plug on this blog but whose name phonetically does not sound too far from "fuck yous". Apparently after Beck made a standard unsubstantiated claim that Obama is a racist, which with the same logic that he spelled out on the morning so-called news show that this was dropped, the same principals would be applied to Beck himself. He called Obama a racist by association by exaggerating claims of Van Jones of being a black national, etc. among others, one including Rev. Wright who was an early Christmas present of sorts for right wingers as a figure to use as yet another scare tactic. These scare tactics along with superficial financial incentives such as a thirteen cent tax cut over the next four years are all that the right can offer. They play on the fear of death that drives themselves to accumulate as much power and money and property and resources as they possibly can during their lives, which by the way contradicts a certain book written about 2000 years ago that they interpret literally, selectively as it turns out. But I was after the accusations by Beck of Obama being a racist that the group Color of Change, an organization that Van Jones helped found but for the last year and a half has not had any dealings with, had began an effort to pull corporate sponsorship from Beck's show. They succeeded in having over 50 sponsors pull their advertising revenue from the slots during the show. This effort was initiated without Jones's knowledge or consent. Once these sponsors began to yank their support, is when Beck began his crusade to oust Van Jones. Among some of the smears was that he signed some petition which did not rule out the possibility that the Bush administration had prior knowledge of some kind of threat that resulted in 9/11/01, that he is a black nationalist radical, etc. If the petition that Jones allegedly sign had something to do with not ruling out the incompetency of the Bush administration in regards to 9/11, their history of competence and decision making warrants such suspicion to anyone capable of critical thinking to a realistic end, of which Beck has shown is no. With his "Apollo" connections, Beck tried to make ties between anyone that would paint a poor picture of a man, Jones, who actually knows what decency is, unlike G.B. One could tie Kevin Bacon back to prehistoric monkey eve who would eventually be the predecessor to the monkey that gave birth to Moses who brought the tablets down the mountain to spawn an off shoot of Judaism which has found Christ in the title. Pandering to the fears of the ignorant white based blind patriots in this charade, taking the easy way out instead of being a decent human being and watching what he says about people through grossly unsubstantiated assumptions. Had anyone said anything comparable to Bush they would have been crucified as anti-American and driven out of this country by a torch and pitchfork wielding media. The hypocrisy is so thick it is suffocating.

How does the Obama administration fit into this as was in the beginning of this post? Their silence. Compared to the president who came before Obama who would lie about things that he knew to be false to further his imperialist agenda, this president did not even attempt to speak on the behave of Jones towards accusations that he knew to be false. Yes, big O has a big fight with health care on his hands right now, almost obsessively but understandably since it is up there with the war and economy as the top 3 concerns for our country, for this week at least. Next week it could be that Britney get her fourth piercing south of the equator, or anything else as dumbing as that. His health care should not have gotten in the way of relaying a message through the White House press secretary to defend Van Jones and what he stands for. Bush had no problem defending Alberto Gonzales, Rumsfeld, Cheney, Ashcroft, Wolfowitz, etc., etc., etc. Where is the greater backbone. This just perpetuates the idea of a spineless Democratic party that is incapable of standing up to its adversaries. Strong rhetoric when standing behind a podium addressing any group (pick you favorite) with a pre-scripted monologue. To save face by being silent is cowardly and indifferent to a major issue of sustainable energy and job creation which Jones was the head of.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, I am sure. This right wing victory to oust not only one of Obama's guys but a black guy, who the right are afraid of anyway will just encourage such destructive behavior. Obama's silence is a concession to these tactics. One would think that a background check would be run on those who were appointed by any political official. Seems that, by the record, Obama's background check secretary is out to lunch or maybe Beck had his way with them too.

For an American unaffiliated with a political party, such as myself, presently living in Europe, such as myself, to be aware of the hypocrisy of the right and the cowardice of the left, is not only a testament to the power of modern technology and the spreading of information but the testament to the apathy that the American people seem to be infected with.

Here is a link to independent media on Van Jones.

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