Saturday, September 26, 2009

fourth decade

Upon entering into my fourth decade of existence, as with any birthday, this one marking the turning of a corner into another decade is cause for reflection. The marker of time is progression. We know or understand that time has passed when we observe something in an earlier stage of its existence and come back at a later time to find that the signs of aging (the effects of time) have made their mark. To say that someone has aged well is to remark that they have side-stepped the normal effects of time in relation to gravity and the coarse of cell generation and appear as though they have been in existence for as long as they have. This is of coarse based on the idea of linear time, the only concept that we have to base so called normal reality on. The way that we have chosen to domesticate time is to use in in relation to math and numerical abstraction and language.

Just like mowing the lawn, being subservient to the ideas of 12 hour cycle time is to try and mold reality into a systemic grid to coordinate our socially oriented species. But like so many other abstractions (i.e. wealth in money, etc) time is an element of this existence that we have created that is so deeply indoctrinated into our cognitive conditioning that we can not shake it. Everything in this ill-adapted world that we have constructed has come about because of the coordination tool of time comprehension and imposition. Without this abstraction nothing would "work". Is there any way around it? IT, after all, is major source of stress in our lives. Deadlines, in the nick of time. How could be coordinate such a nationalistic progression leading towards ultimate greed and extortion without time.

There are theories that women thought up the concept of time. Their menstrual cycle in relation to the cycles of the moon were an indicator of a noticeable pattern which they perceived and passed onto the fairer sex in the equation. Men took advantage of this idea and used it for control. This is no surprise in an controlling kind of being, looking for advantages for personal gain, coming from the innate intuition of personal survival and the survival of one's genes. The idea of Time added in this quest of gene preservation. Those who could understand this vehicle of coordination would flourish within the group, those that did not would fall. The persistence of human intellectual development weeded out those who could not follow the ever complicating abstractions coming to rule the way we interact with the world and with each other.

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