Thursday, April 8, 2010

right/left: a side, not being correct

Talking heads.
Someone must have fed them after midnight and then they got exposed to water resulting in the gremlin transformation and multiplication. Substance is not their strong suit. Children throwing a temper tantrum in the toy aisle. These distinct sides, perpetuating each other's exposure. Feeding the other's argument. Recognition is more than either side of the network hollow figure heads deserve. Hateful versus sarcastic. Neither proposing real suggestions, merely darkening the light shade, making room for actual policy makers to continue down the road of self gratification, breaking their oath with every step taken.
Like the childish temper tantrum, ignoring it would be the most effective remedy. Let their feet stamp and voices wail. Give them a pillow to scream into, not a microphone. Give them a squirt gun and a poster of their rival, not a platform to blindly fire verbal artillery. Give them a mirror to masterbate to, not a close up on the idiot box (although the term is even more appropriate when their physical appearance is plastered upon it). Give them a sand box and plastic shovel, not an avenue to build a fragile structure of illusions in the minds of the feeble.

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