Saturday, April 3, 2010

Everything is Okay, Right Now....

Everything is okay, right now.
That is the mentality that is the consequential motive for most things vile.
What we think is not what is.
Ok is the individualistic illusionistic palpable mist that fills nostrils without contention. Masks are fleeting signs of obligatory statutes harboring a misconstrued notions of presentality (yeah, that ain't no word but it somehow fits in this context).
If is smells like a pitbull it might as well be a pitbull. Shape and form of are from the cloth. Woven within the confines of a mass produced hysteria not too mention the ramifications of a misperceived reconciliation of what might even be remotely real. To the weakest consent of that term. What about the homographic notion of a solidarital existence? Could it be seen as a downfall of what ever is worth preserving that which should be elevated as a marketing priority? The consequences of putting profit over a sense or well being has yet to be experienced only because of time. If we find ourselves in the privildged existence of thinking that hard work is the ultimate end to a happy end, then we should know to pick up the nearest firearm and take to our own trachea. Preferably the one in which the least amount of recognition of pergatorial suffering should be endured. This is to be prepared for the moment when all other options are not on the floor. But the denial of the worth of the continuation of, at least the attempt to contribute to any perceived perpetuation of a sustained human existence is reaching a cynical space which is warranted as being one to which the clock should pause to reach a constructed point when such matters could be better dealt with.

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