Saturday, December 26, 2009

a small dose

Coming to terms with options.
Knowing there is only one plane to walk on.
Each having their own hints of silver.
Where is the time to want?
Occupied by the expected worry.

Hands off, mimic the world.
Acceptance and persistence.
Hungry to find the next way to stay a float.
Cognitive bouyancy as advertising fills the sandbags.
30 + gigabytes of information a day, images and words, sights and sounds.

Navigating own vessel while in tandem.
Contradictory rudder angles.
The ship effects the ocean.
Reciprocity under the surface, patience in effectiveness.

Perceive the multiples in singularity.
Handing out goods.
Opposite ratio to transmitters and those there to receive the message.
Blank is simple, boring until painted.
Motions gone.

Chosen, yourself reflected in actions of animals far removed.
The appreciation of complexity.
Comes at a price.
Thinking selves to death under flourescence.
Running towards emptiness veiled in curiosity.

Understanding and belief.
This species is addicted.
Abstract anything to fit the shape of a poolside recliner.
Kick your feet up, don't mind the others.
Following history.

Cadillac Coffin.

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