Tuesday, December 22, 2009

catching up while behind and moving forward


If you break down the word: pro and fits.
This seems to be an oxymoron if you consider the implications of a society based on this insatiable idea....

noun ( pl. pros) (usu. pros)
an advantage of something or an argument in favor of a course of action : the pros and cons of joint ownership.

fit 1 |fit|
adjective ( fitter , fittest )
1 [ predic. ] (of a thing) of a suitable quality, standard, or type to meet the required purpose : the meat is fit for human consumption | [with infinitive ] is the water clean and fit to drink?

(source: Dictionary Software on a Mac)

Yes, we all like profit. We like it as a nation and as an individual. More so as an individual. We have allowed profit to overrun our goals when there are people suffering both within and outside of our borders. The system that we have created, which has generated such profits for the elite minority has resulted in a illusionary false comfortable lifestyle for the masses that could be argued that in itself is a form of profitable existence. Comfort and convenience by buying groceries, buying furniture, buying leisure, entertainment, medicine, recreational drugs, travel, a snuggie, etc., etc., etc., all offered as a service or product by the hope for profit to extend one's own personal comfortable lifestyle.

We tell ourselves that this is the best system. Unregulated markets that regulate themselves. The past 2 years have proven otherwise and there are talks that we may inject the system with more money in order to preserve this system that rewards the already uber wealthy. Just as the marketing and packaging of products goes, the shinier and brighter colors convince us that this is the best product, the powers that be are packaging their own ideals to the population with bright red, white and shiny blue in order for us to buy the idea. Allowing the overall market and each individual cell which comprises the whole has resulted in a too big and frail scenario. People get accustomed to an unsustainable service model and the system get ahead of itself and ends up trying to catch up with itself that is behind itself while constantly pushing itself forward.

Cutting corners in products and services provided and provides people with excessively cheap goods and services. We immediately latch onto the cheapest, easiest, most convenient and the markets set their own standards on these aspects of what they offer. People will be eternally reluctant to revert to less convenient modes of operation no matter how small. Setting the bar high to offer luxurious services but cutting costs and making such a huge market comes back to effect the producers. It may effect their profit escalation and like the customers being unwilling to accept a less convenient service or low cost product, the business are unwilling to allow the incline of profit growth on their corporate line charts.

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