Friday, December 17, 2010

what about

What about the wrongs? What about the trials and promises? Thinking in matters of location, being on the y-axis when the x is the range of motion. The reservoir of considerations, any given filter on any given day, changing wavelengths. Packs of charred remains, going back to the counter.

Fortunate enough to give it another go.

Where has it been, clouding realizations. Further through but not above. Having yet made the sacrifices advocated? Anchors require something to hold onto, inherent to their function. Whether numerical links or consistency of ground, symbiosis non-the-less. Bordering on two very different locations.

Consistency regarded as the means.

Pivot motions, granting both sides of the coin. Back and forth provisions, back and forth brought back to zero. Commonly regarded and somehow commonly revisited. Familiarity, kicking up the same plumes translating the debris and know-how. Etching onto eroding tablets to be consumed later under false pretenses.

Mending garments supplied by circumstance and reaction.

Top hat ablaze, staring at woven shoe laces. Ingenuity distilled and watered down to function on abstract and tangible levels. Slight of hand in the gesture of offering. Stripes ranging taking orders from untamed id. What about the wrongs? What about the trials and promises?

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