Saturday, September 18, 2010

confused sense of purpose

It would be my guess that control of a situation is a desirable survival technique that evolution has bestowed upon us and has jumped the tracks wielding out of control. Those who find themselves in a position of power are there to control the policies under which they oversee. Coming with this, or any, position is a sense of what is expected from you, not the least being instilling a personal sense of procedure which advances the governed body, now being measured in revenue. ("Governed" is being used fairly loosely here. It is being used as an umbrella for oversight. A small business owner may "govern" the business or a teacher, govern the classroom/department.)
The political environment has been supplemented for a more basic survival scenario. No longer having the capability of maintaining a standard of living because the factors that shape it plow their own ground. Control is unattainable from seemingly every level. Although the media finds itself existing with an effect on the most impressionable parts of human's make up. A form of control found through countless resource and time packaged as natural, effortless, and innocent.
Could this sense of control have some impact on the appeal of the internet? We control these sites, blogs, networking pages etc. Giving us the control of deciding a template, color scheme, content, pictures. Underneath the greater controlled system, we have the option of taking on the self-aggrandizing responsibilities of maintaining what we have the ability to control. If a site is poorly maintained, our scrupulous scrutiny in others' work (as a mechanism to make ourselves feel better about how we navigate through the world) takes over and we may immediately have a certain view of an individual, institution or corporation based on the appearance of how they control this intangible outlet for the world.

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