Thursday, May 13, 2010

legalized organized crime

If there is anyone out that thinks that those actually responsible for the "blemish" in the Gulf of Mexico right now, I can only hope that this instance is the indicator which exposed them to a capitalist utopia illusion that this country runs off of. As was to be expected, when explaining themselves to our feeble-minded government, each facet of this operation blames each other. BP, blaming whoever built the safety valve, they blame Halliburton who, if I'm not mistaken, installed the faulty valve. This blaming musical chairs will jut confuse our elected officials to where nothing will be resolved. As is the rule of capitalism, making as much money in the shortest amount of time, it has been revealed that there were no safety checks on the most crucial aspect to the rig.....the component that ended up failing, killing individuals, countless animal life and an immeasurable amount of fragile environment. There is talk that if the spill drifts into the gulf stream, the "tar balls" as they are called could find their way all up the Eastern seaboard.

There will be volunteers out there with rags, buckets, hazmat suits, sponges trying to do what they can to minimize the environmental impact that this disaster may inflict. There will be BP execs. who will be in there with lawyers, cocaine, business suits, Cuban cigars trying to do what they can to minimize the financial impact that this will inflict on their own personal bank accounts.

This whole situation is a crime. A crime against the Earth. Yes, the impact will be felt the most in the Gulf region on so many levels. A region that has been battered for the better part of a decade and then some. But regardless of arbitrary boundaries drawn in liquid, this is a crime against everyone on the planet. If China were to experience a spill along their shoreline, have no policy in place for such an emergency, allow oil to gush out for weeks and weeks, the same would be true.

Back to the fact that there were no, at minimum, annual inspections for the safety valve:
Where is the concern for the crew?
Where is the concern for the environment?

It was buried under the fact that inspections of this nature would undoubtedly be expensive. BP made a calculated risk that they will push the limits of the state of a vital piece of equipment and by the time that anything could go wrong, the profits that they make up to that point would far exceed the cost of clean up. Especially since they surely have had forethought to how they would navigate through the system to minimize their liability to get the bill.

This is yet another personification of the problems with capitalism. Power not only corrupts but each step on the road to power injects corruptive ideologies to prime individuals to maximize profits by any means necessary.

Legalized organized crime.

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  1. The Earth will be just fine. This is nothing compared to the meteor that hit just a little south of that spill and wiped out the dinosaurs (and over 90% of everything living at the time). Not only are natural oil seeps found all over the globe, these meteor impactors must be seen as a part of what is "natural." Mass extinctions are natural. Ecological disasters are natural. Everything humans do is natural. Which goes to show, everything "natural" isn't necessarily "good."

    The real crime today is the religious zeal of adherents to this naturalistic fallacy. People who don't vaccinate their children. People who get in the way of stem cell research. People against genetically engineered foods. People against pesticides.

    There are a zillion commonalities between the fruitcakes on the left and the idiots on the right, but few are stronger or more obvious than this worship of the "natural" and the hatred of science.