Sunday, April 18, 2010

reality has been purchased

So entire reality ha been bought.
Our surroundings, bought.
At a lasting cost, thorough and deep.
Privileged few worshiping the Golden Calf.
Dancing on the bones of those they stole it from.
Higher elite sift bare minimum or less.
Omnipresent construction, wealth and illusion.
Hidden context of comfort and of suffering.
The pot is bound to boil over.
Pressure goes somewhere internally or externally.
But it most certainly travels.

Puppeteering the collection plate.
Purchasing sustained control.
Fully knowing their own tactics.
Blatant hypocracy, so thick it conceals itself.
Sourcing receptivity fabricating interests and apathy.
The veil will be lifted.
Its occupant surprised.
"Why" is not asked enough.

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