Friday, October 9, 2009

consider the intricacies

Curiosity of purposefulness is the double edged sword. To go out of one's way and to put forth efforts to understand things, no matter what is being considered is to resign to an idea of disappointment. Curiosity requires the openness to allow expectations and understanding be shattered beyond not only anticipation but unpredictability. Coming from a questioning disposition, the ideas generated by curiosity encourage creativity to pursue or further understanding. The ecological and evolutionary milieu that is and has been present on this particular set of planetary circumstances has, generally speaking, made it advantageous to harness a healthy curiosity as a means of improving chances of survival. Going back to using objects in one's surroundings as tools, both metaphorically and literally, to use as a means of survival. Without going into detail, the means of survival paired with modern technology have counter acted this formally, just short of, necessary curiosity to facilitate a greater means of survival. With the advent of fast food, food delivery services, prefab housing, etc, the creativity inherent in all human beings, can be argued, in some situations is directed at how to cheat the system to further convenience (going back to the heightened sense of convenience being a comforting psychological aspect towards gauging the momentary sense of survival percentages: the more convenient/comfortable = more likely to survive in the present. It could be argued that long term effects have a negative curve towards this end....the end of survival or longevity.).

For anyone still harnessing a healthy curiosity to contribute to creativity or whatever level of understanding we are capable of achieving as a species whether it be in science, philosophy, economics, etc. this sense of curiosity is a contributing factor into an open mind towards a peaceful state of things. Leaving open doors which are stumbled upon during research or curious endeavors to explore then or at a later time is to practice an art of open mindedness to either willingly or otherwise strive towards peace. Openness and peace go hand and hand. An open hand comes from an open mind, a closed hand comes from a closed mind.

Here is a hypothetical scenario as to which illustrate the above point:
Imagine a hard core white supremacist. Not the kind of thing that most of us enjoy imagining but I think this is a relevant and appropriate angle. We could imagine a general sense of this kind of person's life outlook. For argument's sake lets say that this person is not an intellectual supremacist by nurture, meaning his immediate surroundings do not foster an open minded atmosphere, the people he associates with choose or perpetuate ideologies that are in a closed circuit stuck in a rut of ignorance and hatred. Let us assume that this person listens to Death Metal music. What could be the outcome of such an interest if this person were to follow a curious strand to better understand how Metal came to be and where it comes from. He would find that Metal, stemming from Rock, stemming from Blues, stemming from slavery, stemming from Africa. Depending on the openness of this individual (granted a supremacist may not be inherently too open to begin with, but amuse me here), there could be two cognitive responses:

a) huh, black folks began the groundwork towards an art form that I enjoy. That must mean that I can find some common ground which can erase lines of differentiation.
b) it was the history of how they were treated that produced the fruit that is Metal.

I do not think that either a or b are difficult to imagining occurring under these circumstances. Either one could be taken into consideration and depending on the nature vs. nurture set up for this hypothetical individual would of course influence which side he may fall on.

Curiosity inherently opens up lines of awareness leading to an opportunity to evolve within one's own skin.

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  1. A correction was emailed to me by Troutfish:

    Good post BIGGS, but Punk Rock would more likely be the genre of music for white supremacy shit heads, and that music DID derrive primarily from blues.

    Musically, Death Metal I'd say is primarily Classical based, but blues IS probably the 2nd biggest influence. The musical intricacy can be mind boggling in Metal, while Punk leaves more than a little to be desired.