Thursday, August 6, 2009

work force = force work

To add to the earlier post Free Market Democracy posted on July 1st, 2009 (see below) I would like to submit the following:

Regarding the conditioning that is Western culture of after high school, going to college possibly into a field that one is not interested in or something as vague as "Communications", graduating and either pursuing further higher education still or going into the "work force". More like "Force Work". The ideas that obtaining a predictable (disguised as stable) job as part of the prescribed combined banal package of Western adulthood including heterosexual marriage and 2.5 children, is yet another subtle way of manipulating a situation in where the masses are held down and willingly feed and public entity exploiting the faith in that same public that their elected officials are protecting personal interest when in fact they are hell bent on profit not protection. Here is part of why I speculate how:
First the obvious, the work week. The 40 hour work week and all of its proclivities, are driving a food industry based on the cheap, the quick, and the unhealthy, as well as driving behavioral patterns of the public to be in a constant hurry being preoccupied with the demands of the office (modern digital telecommunication has brought the work home from the office where in some cases, 40 hour/weeks are just the beginning) and these two side effects leading directly to sub par health effecting our ability to process information to our fullest potential and distraction effecting our ability to notice things in our environment. These 2 side effects are exploited and sustained in order to keep people in line and keep the profits showering down on the corporate-political elite.
The above mentioned distraction not only distracts people from parts of their own environment (whether immediate, local, national, or global) but this hurried existence does not allow for the reflection on life's many deeper and meaningful aspects that distinctly gives us the privilege of being and acting human. Let alone to stop and smell the roses, literally and metaphorically. This pace of life disallows us to cease taking the natural world for granted or to sustain an appreciation for it that may have existed before thrust into a lifestyle that we as a species are maladapted to survive in. Thinking about things to harness intuition, observation and dialogue in an attempt to better theorize or understand the human condition and the natural world are some of the most potent gifts from the current climax of mammalian evolution, that we know of anyway. If one's lifestyle enables the acceptance and use of this gift than a whole slue of effects are possible. The questioning any number of things not only life itself. The broadening of horizons both mentally, in personal interest and in physical location. But by keeping this activity, of pondering some of life's meaningful questions, at arms length electing for instead ones mental and physical energy to go towards that of monetary profit, the current system in place will continue its horse and pony show.

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