Friday, August 28, 2009

laws of perspective

Everything, totally dependent on perspective.

Everything in field of perception, contributing to where that perspective lies.

Converging lines towards the horizon. Source of light calling out value.

Movement of thought, locations, time, all mold our own individual perspectives. The slightest movement alters this perspective in immeasurable and undetectable ways. During the very early days of the financial crisis, big banks, corporations and government were in a frenzy trying to tighten the grip on the markets that they fraudulently let flutter upon an open palm. Prior to these profound effects finding its way down to the average global citizen, as Max Fraad Wolff described it as somthing like, "it was raining on the top of the mountain but not on the bottom. But just as water behaves, sooner or later the water will run downhill getting to the bottom.". Now that the media and governments are claiming that there are signs that the economy is recovering, the poor and middle classes are at their peak of suffering. 9.4% unemployment rate, proclaimed to seem even better than it is. If it were to be taken into account those underemployed and not seeking further employment, the figure would be closer to 16%. This is more evidence of entities of power (gov't, media, etc) using the ability to fabricate a communal perspective to lesson the individual's desire to become an active participant in the system named after everyone's voice being heard. If the voices are not spoken, no one can hear them so no one will have to react to the sounds. That is the overall plan, keep them silent. It is easier not to hear than to ignore.
Standards of living are perspective based. What is this financial existence. Ask the CEO of USB, the Swiss bank in a heap of trouble right now concerning money laundering and assisting their clients to do so by avoiding paying U.S taxes resulting in billions of dollars not being fed back in to the system and he'll probably tell you that you can get away with anything, of whatever magnitude as long as you have the right person on your side. The CEO of USB just was golfing with president Obama in Martha's Vineyard this week for all of 5 hours and was a major contributor to his campaign. Now ask any woman in Africa or the Latin Americas who hand beats her own flour. The consequences of her actions bare a stricter result to her and her immediate surroundings although on a much smaller scale. Perspective in a action.
I would propose that everyone, especially Americans, if given the opportunity, to live abroad in excess of one month. Even going to another western country for those who could not stand leaving the pervasive comforts of corporateocracy, as long as it is a non-English speaking country to gain a sharper perspective on how the world works. The isolation of America has askewed our perspective in the way the rest of the world functions. When will we come to seek out a clearer understanding of the laws of perspective?

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