Monday, July 27, 2009

responsibilities of existing

This was initially written on a flight from London, England to Oslo, Norway with a pen whose strength could not handle the cabin pressure of the plane (which is my guess) and ink getting all over the place......

[Text found in brackets were added later during posting.]

The baggage or responsibility that is inseparable from existence is the maintenance of that existence. Being found in whatever social structure, the systemic behavior of that structure must be familiarized by its inhabitants in order to increase individual chances for prolonged survival of not only the individual but of one's offspring. This like anything else stored in cognition is acquired by mere observation or by the teaching of any form of elder. If one is to be found in a system that functions on commodity, whether that is one of land, entertainment, service, goods, ideas, art, information, than one must adhere to the systemics of that society long enough to either rise to the ranks inevitably to be found in a commodity based society to actuate change or to merely survive and survive comfortably. To survive without adherence is to deny oneself the comfort of the benefits which these types of commodificational societies based on monetary exchange provide. [I would agree with most arguments that pose an idea that some of the above mentioned comforts could be seen as excessive and unnecessary.] This denial may be a conscious decision to employ recalcitrance and live a gypsy based lifestyle (for lack of a better term). Or by being forced into a life of homelessness and thus relying on the generosity or pity of others or on a resourcefulness which depends on the wastefulness of others who have wholeheartedly adhered to the system.

Food, shelter, clothing, companionship --> stemming from the system which one finds oneself. Climate conditions play into the physical necessities of both shelter and clothing, i.e. hot climates require different types of shelter/clothing than do colder climates, etc. Food is no longer determined by climate variables with [the availability of] mass transport. We can eat strawberries in the heart of winter in Alaska, thanks to air-transport, [refrigeration] and the marvels of scientific and industry's tenacity of synthetic and engineered food preservation. We also ahve created micro-systems for growing non-native plants/animals by use of an understanding of microclimates/ecosystems which are themselves sheltered from the natural outside world as to exist in a customized environment to specific needs. Companionship needs vary with the individual's conditioned responses to interaction but since we are inherently a social mammal the need for a social structure of some sort is a pervasive one. If all interaction is denied, the individual may revert to talking to oneself or to an imagined figure, effectively creating a situation where the social necessity is artificially manufactured/fabricated to meet this need.

Is the global system altering current biological/social necessities? Is our technological pervasiveness changing/altering physical needs? Food, shelter, clothing, companionship, considered excess?

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