Wednesday, June 17, 2009

nomenclatural divide

Categorizing, labeling, and classification of everything and anything inherently results in the subjectification of those things being pigeonholed. Labels on things bring about a subjective response from those harnessing any sort of perception on the idea/object at hand. To have boundaries on land and a name brand to go with it (Germany and the German flag, etc.), or boundaries on kinds of people (Mexicans, Jews, liberals, etc) is to establish boundaries in the mind. I understand the need to distinguish between distinctive kinds of property, culture, people, mindsets, religious practitioners, etc. in order to allow the priveledge of language continue to be effective. These is merely an observation on the effects of these linguistic necessities on how people interact with ideas that involve such nomenclature.

Divisions mount with the results of classification. Pre-existing expectations for a "noun in play", which stem from conditioned and historical shaping from personal experience result in predetermined responses that may overwhelm the perciever. This occurance can result in the complete and utter negation of being receptive to any reasonable idea no matter the scale of what is at stake.

There can be attempts made to squash even unsuspecting residues of classification by-product. An understanding of different things in objective reality is only accomplishible so far. One can not seperate their own subjectivity from an objective obersation and in the inverse, one may not be able to incorporate objectivity to a subjective response. Are their any other kinds of responses? This could be what the striving is to be for, its desirable end. To come to a point where there is a constant awareness of our congitive subjective dicatorship in how we interact with all of our surroundings including ourselves as we are a part of our surroundings the seperation between the two in another illusion that we must navigate through or with depending.

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