Saturday, June 20, 2009

deceptions of systemic epidemics

It seems unlikely that industry would active with an objective eye regarding the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). If the intention of such a standard is to truly better our climate and/or set a precedent for our Western consumerist culture, than science is the only source that should direct such implementation. We should give ourselves the gift of enacting this standard as an actual sign of progress, shedding tendencies of political mindedness locked behind the influence of lobbyists.

What is it about power that allows formally good men to shed their personal ethical standards to either maintain or further gain another ounce of it? The era of showcasing an individual man's power of hunting is long over. It is now the power to enact legislation by circumventing reasons for a politician's initial desiring for office or honoring those who gave one the privileged position? How do abstractions become so seductive? The idea of God not excluded! To either intentionally deceive people into thinking something by exploiting their fears, with either a political or religious avenue, or by effectively convincing them that they should be in agreeance with a social issue or that they can not live without the specific frivolous product that they happen to be selling for the unbelievable price of...... Deception of workings of systemic epidemics are to politics, what air is to atmosphere, consistently fogging the goggles of participants of the race not directly involved with its operating functions.

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